Finance 4 Tech carefully selects its fundraising projects by focusing on the quality of the projects and the entrepreneurs ‘view. Thus, Finance 4 Tech supports you through all the steps of your fundraising operation, either seed or series C funding rounds

An important and accurate preparation is necessary to present your project and attract the most relevant investors. Our role will be to help you control all aspects of your fundraising, adjust your strategy if necessary, highlight the growth potential of your project and prepare you to present your plan.

The 3 steps of fundraising


The Deck

The Deck

  • Understand

After having detailed your business and your business model we will analyze the global business plan and your market.

  • Anticipate

Thanks to our business expertise and our knowledge of the fundraising process, we will be able to enhance the value of your company by emphasizing the strengths sought by investors.

We will also prepare you to anticipate investor questions and objections.

  • Formalize

This valuation will result in the delivery of important documents like the Teaser, the Business Plan, the Pitch Deck and the list of “nasty” questions.

In these documents, we will mention in detail the key points which are the market, the offer, the product, the solution, the business model, the strategy, the team, the company and its history.


The Roadshow

The Roadshow

  • Differentiate yourself

Investors are receiving more and more projects to analyze and believe that the first few minutes of an appointment are enough to give them an opinion. We will therefore assist you in prioritizing the information to be presented.

  • Practice

Finance 4 Tech offers you coaching with pitch training with financial expert and entrepreneurs from our network.

  • Raise

Together, we will make a detailed selection of the investors who would be most relevant to your company. Then we will present the project as a team to investment funds, Family Offices, Business Angels or Corporate.


The Deal

The Deal

  • Auditing

Once the investors have been identified, we will assist you in the due diligence process; the data room development, assistance with questions and answers, etc.


  • Legal

Finance 4 Tech will assist your lawyers in the drafting and negotiation of all legal documents: LOI review, term-sheet, investment agreement, shareholder agreement, etc.


Confident in our chances of success, our remuneration is exclusively in success fees.